•    Preventive maintenance can be proposed to reduce unplanned downtime

        •    Curative maintenance helps you to get your production unit up and running as quickly as possible

        •    Securing your data is possible through permanent monitoring.

        Choose Macq for installation, maintenance and / or upgrade of your equipment

        We offer you customized, professional, maintenance services:
        -    Global approach (Hard, Soft, business...)
        -    An interactive and integrated call management system via ticketing
        -    Technical audit
        -    Guarantee of long term sustainability and permanent evolution

        Services can be provided  24/7 and include on-site / remote intervention delivered by a dedicated and motivated technical team. This team brings together a wide range of skills.

        You can rely on an organization according to SLA and common commitment.

        We understand your application.  

        Moreover, our services are labelled with the following certifications:

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        Some case studies & testimonials

        Technical management of the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels
        Along its 2.6 km, the Leopold II tunnel is entry point to Brussels for more than 80,000 vehicles a day.

        In order to ensure the safety of commuters, Bruxelles Mobilité is renovating the entire structure as part of a PPS project to equip it with the latest technology. There are now more than 10 Macq PLC’s that constantly regulate lighting, ventilation and grant rainwater management to offer drivers a maximum of comfort. In addition to these automation functions, Macq provides a brand new supervision to the operators in charge of operating the tunnel through more than several hundred cameras. This SCADA system, designed in an ergonomic and intuitive way, allows operators to make the right decisions by monitoring traffic in real time.
        The project will also allow efficient interfacing with our Smart Mobility solutions such as our smart cameras, providing Brussels Mobility with vehicle counting, travel time calculation, oversized vehicle management and detection of prohibited vehicles.
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        Odoo • Image and Text

        DLM (Dynamic Lane Management):  Macq from a to z - supply the complete solution: software development, data analysis and aggregation".

        As part of their development of Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITS) for safer traffic and efficient use of road infrastructure, the Flemish government has entrusted Macq with the realization of a web application to allow the management of the dynamic signalling equipment on motorways.
        This concept is part of a broader package of dynamic traffic management systems, including speed control, access control, no overtaking for heavy goods vehicles, traffic relief (or ""rerouting""), user information and, of course, dynamic lane management (DLM).
        All these measures are generally aimed at improving the flow of traffic, and also at postponing the implementation of heavy improvements (widening of existing infrastructure or even the construction of new infrastructure).

        Currently, about 1600 dynamic signs are managed by DLM servers.
        This ITS software has been developed and customized by Macq according to the wishes of the technical managers.
        Today, a brand new management API ""DVM Vlaanderen"" is evaluated. Thanks to the modern and secure but open REST/MQTT technology, it makes available all the information concerning the functioning and status of the dynamic signs on the Flemish motorways, both for internal and external use (Federal Police, Leefbaar Antwerpen door Innovatief Samenwerken...). 
        In this context, Macq has also developed a monitoring model for traffic lane signs. For this purpose, data from various sources are aggregated and processed in order to ultimately project an information message that complies with the European traffic rules.

        Intersection Traffic Light Controller

        Our highly reliable solution for dynamic traffic management at intersections

        We develop, program, install and maintain remote control systems for traffic light signals at intersections. We have been working for over twenty-five years with partners such as the Walloon Region and various cities in Belgium. Whether on the road network, waterways or public transport, the number of our systems is constantly increasing. Thanks to the quality of our installations, we are able to offer you a full 2-year guarantee. This includes preventive maintenance, maintenance with 24/7 interventions and remote maintenance.

        From needs analysis to installation and maintenance, we offer a truly comprehensive solution for intersection management. Furthermore, we guarantee full compliance with current legislation, regardless of where we install our traffic light controllers for intersections, including environmental conformity.

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