Converting your technical ideas into products is our passion:

- Electronic board design / Hardware design
- Software design
- Mechanical design
- System design / system development
- Production management / manufacturing management
- Embedded systems

Without neglecting the modern, ergonomic and robust design to which we attach the utmost importance.

We provide your product with a unique know-how through a personalized approach .


Some case studies & testimonials

We manage projects for our customers in many different areas.

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Macq creates an on-board system for public transport network

The RATP decided to abandon its analogue radio communication network and install a completely digital TETRA-type network. To draw the most benefit from this opportunity, which requires the renewal of the embedded equipment, it also planned to install a new embedded system which, in addition to vocal communication, allows for the transmission of a large amount of data to the network management centre. The implementation of this new system was entrusted to the Belgian company AEG TranzCom, specialised in TETRA transmissions, which sub-contracted the computer software and digital electronics part to Macq. In the long-term, all Parisian vehicles will be equipped with this system, which represents up to:
-    900 metros
-    360 suburban trains
-    200 tramways
-    4000 buses
The equipment, which is embedded under often critical conditions, must comply with road and rail-related requirements. Macq provided its industrial experience so as to guarantee the compliance of this system with very strict user standards.
Mass production also meets very strict criteria with the expectation of almost zero equipment returns. 

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P6 Programmable Controller

Open, robust and polyvalent, the P6 programmable automation system is the basic component behind our industrial automation solution.
    Open: Using a LINUX Open source kernel and WINDOWS compatible, the P6 programmable automation system can be easily integrated into any industrial system.
    Polyvalent: Current and potential applications of the P6 are so wide-ranging that their list is virtually endless.
    Robust: The P6 system's robustness, together with its wide-ranging scope of applications makes it one of the most efficient products on the market.
• Totally compliant with IEC61131-3 (Ladder diagram, Function block diagram (FBD), Structured text (ST), Instruction list (IL), Sequential function chart (SFC)
• Integration of communication standard protocols (OPC – UA )
• Programming, configuration and analysis under Windows or Linux

Commonly used for: Traffic management (Road, Waterways..), Large building and hospital management, Electric power plants…
No mechanical moving parts, this means no mechanical wear and maximum durability.
    Solid mechanical architecture 19" rack 3U
    Programming and diagnosis with zero disruption
    No need to stop the system to carry out a diagnostic or to modify programming. This is done on the fly.
    High Reliability (40 years of Macq experience in it !)


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Macq develops a flame detector for industrial furnaces

Macq develops a flame detector for industrial furnaces
"The “Four Industriel Belge” (FIB) is the world leader in furnaces for metal thread treatment. To guarantee safety, an important issue must be taken into account: if gas is injected into the furnace, it must be burned in full. The injection of gas without the presence of a flame risks causing the furnace to explode! "
FIB hired Macq to develop a new generation of detector.

Detector specifications were set out as follows:
• Perfectly safe
• Easy to use
• Not penetrate the furnace
• Robust to withstand very difficult environments
• Easy to maintain
• Commercially attractive and visible
• Not too expensive
Based on these requirements, Macq created the Gorgon, an FIB flame detector, which is now successfully marketed around the world.

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CAM 5 : Next generation AI based ANPR camera

Integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies (deep learning-based algorithms), the CAM 5 ANPR camera delivers unprecedented number plate recognition capabilities. Additionally, its outstanding image resolution and a unique set of functionalities designated to provide further vehicle characterization makes this product the “best in class” within its category.
The CAM 5 camera can operate on 1, 2, 3 or 4 lanes and is able to differentiate all kind of vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, bicycles, trams, etc.), objects and persons.
Moreover, it also integrates in option a “Make & Model” recognition feature, as well as a “vehicle color” characterization. Both features are invaluable in finding vehicles and closing the current gap in similar product offerings, as these features, when available, typically require additional hardware and software.
The CAM 5 camera is also able to calculate an instantaneous speed estimate for each vehicle travelling within its field of view.
The whole CAM 5 camera technology is embedded in a small footprint - but well-designed - housing that discretely blends into urban environments. All details have been carefully thought and engineered to facilitate its installation and deployment: a miniaturized motorization within the support arm allows remote alignment, removing the burden of relying on an aerial lift truck for final mechanical setup.

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DP4-G5 Escalator controller - Guarantees fully secure non-stop running of your escalator

Guarantees fully secure non-stop running of your escalator thanks to an automated starting system.

-    Simple: Quick to install, no complex adjustments required, autonomous and operates permanently.

-   Robust and reliable: installed on the entire length of the escalator, the DP4 can permanently detect the movement of users. Robust, it requires minimum maintenance.

-    Safety: User safety is our top priority. Our compliance with strict standards and regulations has guaranteed user safety for over 30 years.

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M³ for Cities, Road & Highway : The smart mobility platform which transforms existing infrastructure into future oriented public areas

Quality urban mobility is a key criterion for the success of all other sectors of activity. It not only contributes to the creation of new jobs and businesses, but also contributes greatly to the creation of an attractive environment and atmosphere for the inhabitants.
One of the biggest challenges that large cities (and increasingly small urban areas) face today is the very great variability over time of the demands in terms of mobility (day/night, commuters, public transportation, etc.). This requires the active management and real time distribution of resources, infrastructure and reliable information to travelers.
The "M³ for Cities, Road & Highway" platform is perfectly equipped for:
• Identifying (ALPR), recognizing (make, model, color) and classifying all kind of vehicles (heavy/light duty traffic, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), objects and people
• Area access monitoring and registration
• Controlling authorized vehicle access zones (white lists)
• Controlling permanent restricted traffic zones (e.g. historic city centers, pedestrian areas), or temporary restricted traffic zones (events, festivals, etc.)
• Securing and monitoring road traffic around schools
• Controlling of carpooling lanes
• Managing variable message signs (VMS)
• Allowing citizens to visualize all mobility related information in a single, centralized place
• And many more modules (tailored to your specific requirements)

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DLM (Dynamic Lane Management):  Macq from a to z - supply the complete solution: software development, data analysis and aggregation.

As part of their development of Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITS) for safer traffic and efficient use of road infrastructure, the Flemish government has entrusted Macq with the realization of a web application to allow the management of the dynamic signalling equipment on motorways.
This concept is part of a broader package of dynamic traffic management systems, including speed control, access control, no overtaking for heavy goods vehicles, traffic relief (or ""rerouting""), user information and, of course, dynamic lane management (DLM).
All these measures are generally aimed at improving the flow of traffic, and also at postponing the implementation of heavy improvements (widening of existing infrastructure or even the construction of new infrastructure).
Currently, about 1600 dynamic signs are managed by DLM servers.
This ITS software has been developed and customized by Macq according to the wishes of the technical managers.
Today, a brand new management API ""DVM Vlaanderen"" is evaluated. Thanks to the modern and secure but open REST/MQTT technology, it makes available all the information concerning the functioning and status of the dynamic signs on the Flemish motorways, both for internal and external use (Federal Police, Leefbaar Antwerpen door Innovatief Samenwerken...).  
In this context, Macq has also developed a monitoring model for traffic lane signs. For this purpose, data from various sources are aggregated and processed in order to ultimately project an information message that complies with the European traffic rules.

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