About us

        We put mobility in motion thanks to simple traffic solutions

        We are a team of more than 130 passionate people whose goal is to improve mobility through disruptive solutions. We design and build products to increase people's protection, safety & security and to improve their quality of life, health and environment.

        Since its foundation in Brussels in 1923, the heart of Europe, our company has always managed to react agilely to new market requirements by offering innovative solutions. In the course of almost one hundred years of company history many different product highlights have been invented (read more).

        Our sales revenue in 2019 is approx. € 18M with a CAGR of around 20% since 2016. This shows not only that we are working in a growing market environment, but in fact that we gain in momentum and we are able to increase our customer base organically.

        Our Team

        Meet the Executive Team

        François Macq

        François Macq, CEO

        Grandson of the founder and chief visionary, François is the driving force behind Macq. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the hardware & software, marketing and the customer experience strategies.

        Injaas De Mul

        Injaas De Mul, COO

        Injaas loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Sales Director in the industry, Injaas has helped Macq to get where it is today. Injaas is among the best minds.

        Bertrand Marlot

        Bertrand Marlot, CTO

        Bertrand is one of the iconic person in life who can say he loves what he does. He mentors 15+ in-house engineers and looks after the community of over hundred developers.

        Serge Dujardin

        Serge Dujardin, CFO

        Serge helps us with his long experience to easily understand the figures and to improve them. He is determined to lead us to success and uses his professional insight to take Macq further. On top of that, Serge leads and coaches colleagues during the implementation of complex customer projects.

        Our ambition is our driver

        The global market of ANPR and AI based cameras for Smart Mobility purposes is growing rapidly and we expect that within 4 years the market volume will at least double in size. Our ambition is to ensure our leading position in the Belgian ITS & Smart Mobility market and to become a reliable, valued and preferred business partner not only in Europe, but worldwide. To achieve this, we will focus on both, establishing mutually rewarding international partnerships and building new compelling and outstanding solutions for our key customers. That's why research and development represents 30% of our sales revenue!

         — François Macq, CEO of Macq

        A few cultural insights

        Open and entrepreneurial approach. We want that everyone is able to have a positive impact on the way the company works. That's why everyone of us receives a lot of responsibility and can grow in all aspects, also by doing mistakes. In this way, newcomers also have the opportunity to take their future into their own hands, propose news ideas and work out innovative concepts for our customers.

        Friendly and trustful working atmosphere. It is very important for us to know that everyone comes to work with pleasure and therefore in a good mood. We think that this is possible by creating a friendly and trustful working atmosphere. For instance, working hours are flexible and everyone can work in his or her own way, with which he or she is most productive. And there is also plenty of time for recreational, creative and inspiring discussions with colleagues, so that everyone always goes to work with full energy.

        Celebrating and sharing good moments together. Since we spend a large part of our lives together, we also want to enjoy the time together and not just work. Besides original company events, game nights, barbecues, table tennis competitions etc., we celebrate birthdays in winter by sharing cakes, and in summer the cakes are replaced by a glacier that comes to the parking lot to serve us good ice cream. In addition, every day at 10 o'clock we take a discussion-joyful break and for lunch Macq offers soup for everyoneObviously food is very important to us.

        Our values. We live every day...

        People & Expertise

        Nearly 100% high-skilled engineers. Macq has always been run by engineers (including its management and sales divisions). Almost all employees are hardware or software developers. Main skills are amongst others: software development & embedded computing, electronics & hardware (camera, radar, sensors, ...), signal & image processing, testing, UX/UI design, big data, deep learning.

        Truly international team. Many people of different countries make our internal culture truly international. Besides the fact that French, Dutch and English are the main languages at Macq, you will also hear German, Hungarian, Spanish, Chinese and other languages on the corridors.

        A family history over three generations

        Shop where Macq was founded in 1923

        August 1923 Macq and Cie is founded. Clément Macq, passionate about radio, designs and launches his first radio (TSF) receiver.

        1946 Macq builds spectrographic devices, paving the way for industrial electronics.

        1961 The first digital voltmeter in Europe is released, a widely used innovation for studying Concorde structures.

        1968 Yvon Macq takes over from Clément Macq. The company releases its first generation of programmable logic controller (PLC) and integrates this microprocessor in an industrial environment in 1975. This first prototype was regularly adapted until it became a powerful and flexible automation and data management tool in 1984.

        1983 UNIX becomes the default operating system at Macq and is deployed for road traffic management, smart buildings and the management of industrial processes.

        1997 François Macq takes over as CEO. This same year, Macq obtained its ISO 9001 certification.

        2001 Macq releases iCAR , a series of intelligent cameras for road traffic management, including vehicle license plate recognition, counting, classification.

        2010 “Macq électronique” becomes simply “Macq”.  The company leaves its 50 employee limit behind and grows  significantly . For thirty years, Macq has developed solutions to demands from urban traffic and road traffic administrators.

        2016 The growing company expands its sales team worldwide and focuses on projects in the field of Smart Mobility.

        2018 Macq celebrated its 95th anniversary and got nominated a Trends Gazelle 2018 for excellence in added value and dynamic growth.

        CSR & QHSSE

        Responsibility. Responsible conduct is an integral part of Macq's identity. Responsible entrepreneurship implies that each and every decision must also consider the potential consequences. Macq operates in a sustainable manner, in order to be a exemplary employer, maintain competitiveness, enthuse customers, and protect the environment for subsequent generations.

        QHSSE mission.

        1. Promoting the respect and satisfaction of our customers,

        2. Ensuring security and safety of our collaborators,

        3. Defining and measuring our company objectives via a cockpit gathering a dashboard for each team,

        4. Deciding that our company and our mobility solutions are shaping the future of our planet.

        Applied standards & regulations. ISO 9001, VCA, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 (in preparation) and GDPR.